Google Tasks gets better integration with other Google Workspace apps

Patrick Devaney


Google Tasks is the to-do app of the Google Workspace productivity suite of programs. Whereas the likes of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and Gmail are all popular programs that we all know about and use regularly, Google Tasks has been a bit of a forgotten affair since it launched in 2018. Google clearly wants this situation to change and is rolling out an update Google Tasks that should see it becoming more prominent in your workflow.

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Google is rolling out a huge update for Google Tasks that will integrate it into popular apps like the previously mentioned Gmail and Google Calendar as well as also creating Google Assistant integration to provide easier pathways to use the to-do list app.

Google Tasks gets better integration with other Google Workspace apps

In the Keyword blog post announcing the move, Ilya Brown Google’s Vice-President of Product Management described the update to Google Tasks like this:

“Google Tasks helps users get stuff done with a simple and productive solution across their personal and professional lives. It can sync across your devices, so your lists and tasks go with you, wherever you are. Plus, you can easily access Tasks from your favorite Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Calendar and Chat.”

There will be a simple Add Task button present in these apps, which will enable users to quickly and efficiently built out their to-do lists from across the Workspace suite of apps. Google Tasks will then give users the ability to prioritize their tasks and tick them off once they are done.

In a further bid to boost the popularity of Google Tasks, the search giant is also going to prompt all users who set reminders for themselves using either Google Calendar or Google Assistant to try out the to-do list app. Google claims that the added utility offered by Google Tasks will make users’ lives much easier if they make the switch.

In other recent news, did you know that Google Maps just received an eco-friendly upgrade?

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